Accounting Staffing

In today’s world, everybody needs to run their business as proficiently as possible

Administrative Support

Regardless of business size, your organization requires a degree of support to complete the administrative tasks that make up a significant percentage of your office functions. Failure to stay current with basic office tasks can put your organization behind when you need accurate information or presentation for bankers, investors, or internal management and strategic planning.

Let us help you with your critical administrative and clerical tasks and functions.

Accounting Staff Augmentation

If you are in sudden need of additional people in your accounting department or you require a team of finance professionals for an important project or period, you’ve come to the right place.

Our professionals can consolidate your accounting department functions and provide invaluable help managing your organization’s finances.

We can help bring a team of well-qualified specialists to boost your accounting group’s performance and output.

Temporary/Contract Hire

If you need temporary or contract positions, contact us.

We can help you hire well-qualified specialists or provide the temporary professional assistance to boost your accounting group’s performance and output.

Permanent Placement

So, you need to fill permanent roles, but, don’t have the time to search through resumes or recruiting efforts.

We can help you search and present or recruit well-qualified specialists or provide the long-term professional assistance you need.

Chief Accountant (CA)/Controller

The Chief Accountant is a senior controller who leads and can perform virtually any tasks in financial, accounting and budgeting, etc.

Our interim chief accountants or professionals can temporarily step in during a transition period or to boost the performance of your accounting department and provide important insight.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The Chief Financial Officer is an executive officer responsible the financial management of the organization. This executive is responsible for record-keeping, financial planning, data analysis, and reporting to the organization’s stakeholders.

Consider leveraging our Interim CFO if you are in need of a senior financial officer during a period of transition or if you require a temporary senior management boost for your financial department.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Regardless of your organization’s size, a COO can help you drive business growth and improve productivity. Our seasoned COOs are executors, change agents, mentors, and can function as the CEO’s “other half” to help maximize and streamline business operations.

We offer an affordable alternative for small or large organizations, startups or homebased businesses,  when you need to add the COO position, or fill an open COO position either temporarily or permanently.

Performance Management

As a leader or follower, have you ever heard or ask, is it objective or subjective and is it right or ethical to give me such rating?

Regardless of your organization’s size, you need performance management.

We can help you to design and implement:

  • Annual Goal Setting
  • Real-Time performance management
  • Annual Performance Review

Let us help you to build a culture of timely feedback, recognition (both success and failure) and harmonious.


Change with less or no disruption!

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