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Compliance Training: What Is the Goal?

Why does your company require employees to take compliance training? Are you fulfilling regulatory requirements? Following industry standards? Proving that you take compliance seriously? Or is compliance training one of the corrective actions taken when employees make errors? Under increasing regulatory pressure, management teams can sometimes forget that the goal of compliance training is to […]

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Personal Data Protection Is a Hot Topic in State Legislatures

The California State Legislature recently passed the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, the strictest data protection and consumer privacy law in the country. Healthcare companies that serve California residents will be subject to meeting these new compliance requirements by 2020. As more data breaches are uncovered, expect more states to enact privacy protection laws. […]

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Reducing Waste Is Good for Business

Waste reduction and sustainability efforts are gaining momentum because they make good business sense. Customers want to buy from companies that care about our environment. McDonalds, Starbucks, and Disney recently publicized efforts to reduce plastic packaging and single-use items such as straws. While executives may support these initiatives for financial and public relations reasons, the […]

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Accounting Embraces Technology to Find Solutions

Accounting firms and departments face many challenges in today’s fast-paced market. Technology solutions can help accounting specialists keep up with the speed at which the rest of the organization is moving. Accounting Today reports these top trends for integrating technology into accounting functions. Video content to enhance marketing and training Apps that track key performance […]

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Is Your Biggest Cybersecurity Weakness Sitting in an Office Down the Hall?

US companies will spend nearly $100 billion on cybersecurity this year according to analysts at the recent Gartner Security Summit. Despite this investment, many companies remain vulnerable to phishing and other types of cyberattacks. Without training, employees continue to be one of the easiest entrances into an organization’s network. A recent survey reported on by […]

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Our Events

6September2018 Ohio Business Expo A networking and learning opportunity to connect job seekers, employers and procurement officials from the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, Ohio Department of Transportation and other state agencies, as well as the Columbus Regional Airport Authority and more. 29March2018 OSDBU “Getting Back 2 Business” Small Business Outreach Event Educates small businesses […]

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Entrepreneurs in our community Pitch’n Pontiac Charity begins at home they say; we are supporting economic development in our city of Pontiac, Michigan. Pitch ‘N Pontiac is an annual event, and we are supporters from inception and annually. Winners from this competition gain valuable price.  

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Startup Weekend Ibadan, Nigeria

Ladlas Prince (NIG) Ltd is a collective of amazing people striving to build an economically viable city of Ibadan & Nigeria. Our team and others in our community volunteered their time and effort to plan, organize and produce this Startup Weekend Ibadan event. Our Company supported its employees as such too. 2015 May Startup Weekend […]

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