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Outpaced Cybersecurity

According to IDC, global spending on cybersecurity this year is predicted to grow by nearly 10% over 2018, topping $103 billion – with large organizations accounting for almost two-thirds of that outlay. However, expert in some quarters predict the total cost of cybercrime could exceed $2 trillion by the end of 2019. With this, we […]

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Accounting Technology and Small Business

Technology provides a wide range of tools entrepreneurs can use to guide their new companies through the startup and growth stages of which accounting software is one of. Small-business accounting have been revolutionized by advances in computer technology, and businesses in a range of industries continually adapt to take full advantage of technological developments. However, […]

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Cyber-Attacks and Small Businesses

One would be left astonished considering the high level of Cyber-Attacks or security breach reports in the US. According to a report by McAfee, malicious cyber activity costs businesses and governments in the U.S. anywhere from $24 billion to $120 billion every year.Even the U.S. Department of Defense and many other big agencies have been […]

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Technology and Financial Reporting

It is not new that companies around the world understand how critical the record-to-report process, is to their business. However, awry attention and investment on the front side i.e. (recording, closing and consolidating) have left the financial analysis and reporting functions trailing behind in both efficiency and effectiveness, despite reporting being the most visible and […]

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Sustainable Innovation

With the advent of several digital platforms for business aid and the current level of technology adoption across the world among businesses, continuous innovation is considered the catalyst for corporate business advancement. Partner with us at Ladlas Prince for sustained technological innovation and ideas to drive your business to a greater height. With Ladlas Prince’s […]

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Art of Technology

Technology is changing the way businesses operate and deliver products to consumers in many sectors. At Ladlas Prince, ‘we are second to none above standard’ in helping our clients with technological integration that bring about success in their respective business operations. We have industrial devices to leverage on in various industries, medical equipment that can […]

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Coordinated Attacks

According to Carbon Black’s latest quarterly Global Incident Response Threat Report, attackers are after not only one target network but also those that are connected via a supply chain. Sophisticated attacks that target supply chains, counter-incident response and lateral movement within a network are quickly becoming normality in the corporate security threat landscape. We are […]

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Regulatory Compliance

When trying to make sense of risk and the challenges that come with regulatory compliance, firms need to assess their entire risk ecosystem from operational risk to quality compliance and sustainability. That’s why we are there for you at Ladlas Prince LLC. Our team of compliance expert will safe you from any form of malady […]

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