Business Security Audits

Business security audits consist of a variety of tests, interviews and other reviews that help measure your organization's security levels and define weaknesses

Information Security Audit (Security Audit)

Our information security audit covers physical security of data, encryption, information security governance, network and logical security; plus standard practices that might affect security. It is conducted to determine the overall soundness, reliability, and effectiveness of your currently implemented security solutions. If you are a vendor for large organizations, health care providers or government agencies, or you handle personal or financial information, it is critical to understand your security infrastructure and any weaknesses that may need to be hardened.

Information Security Assessment

Our information security assessment provides a general evaluation of your information security practices, framework and infrastructure. Such assessments show if your security measures are properly designed for implementation, configuration, maintenance and continuous improvement to detect a current or new vulnerability. It is the best way to spot-check if your organization is prepared for the type of information security challenges it might face. When issues are raised during the general assessment, the next step may be a full audit.

Physical Security Audit

Our physical security audit is carried out to confirm whether existing physical security protocols are appropriately designed, that there are adequate current protections, and whether protocols are being followed as intended. It is not uncommon to find that physical security protocols are being ignored or bypassed for the sake of convenience, or are simply forgotten or changed when past implementation did not happen as planned. Understanding the level of compliance to the physical security rules and protocols can help to greatly enhance your organization’s physical security measures.

Operational Security Audit

Operational security (OPSEC) is a process of integrating security into standard business operations. You may not see it, but it is there. An OPSEC audit is a uniquely complicated type of audit to conduct for any organization. Our OPSEC audit is designed to check if the measures employed to protect your business operations are working as designed and intended. OPSEC audits are useful for all organizations because all has trade secret(s), sensitive data, or other types of valuable information and assets that must be kept secure.

Internal Threat Assessment/Audit

While many threats to an organization are from external sources, the most impactful ones may be internal. The public image of a cybersecurity breach is that an external hacker gets unauthorized access to the sensitive data from far away. But most of the damaging cases of security breaches are occurring from within the organization itself. Internal threats are bigger than just data or information security; they include 360 degrees of the organization. Our internal threat audit goal is to determine the vulnerability of your organization from within.

Cloud Security Audit

As cloud computing solutions are becoming more popular, the proper security audits for the cloud portions of the IT infrastructure must be completed. While being very useful, cloud technology introduces additional cybersecurity risks and challenges. Auditing the cloud solutions implemented throughout your organization can identify critical vulnerabilities and security risks.

Security Rating Audit

A Security Rating is used to establish metrics when managing security risks and determining critical issues in the current security system. When accurately produced, these ratings can help IT management identify security risks and prioritize how resources should be deployed. Our security rating audit is done to establish a reliable, repeatable, consistent and independent reconciliation between management’s perception of security levels and reality.

Fraud & ID Audit

Whether you are a startup, small, medium or large company, and want to improve your current fraud and identity checks processes and solutions, we can help.

Our Fraud & ID audit offering will assess the ways and how your business approaches and tackles fraud and identity management from internal and external. Our report will offer improvements that works for you not obstruct your business or customers. 


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