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Accounting Information Systems (AIS)

Startup or not, Accounting is the foundation of every business. An effective AIS is a need not a want, and not just for big business.  In fact, small businesses need AIS the most and realize the highest return on the investment from using AIS.  Accounting is complicated and detracts from time that you can spend on what you do best – driving business forward.  Off the shelf accounting systems/software requires a lot of customization to best address your business type, model and owners’ usability needs.  We provide the whole spectrum of accounting services that help customers to navigate through modern accounting software.

You already wear so many hats.  We will help you to take care of the accounting affairs, in many cases – in real time. Let us help you to enjoy running your business once again.

Business Information Systems (BIS)

BIS are designed to help your organization’s management to be more aware of the information flow of the organization, enabling you to respond to your business challenges more rapidly and more effectively.

Our Business Information Systems are developed to store, analyze and organize your most vital business information. We bring a strong understanding of industry-specific business processes, system analysis, and data management. 

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

We know how complicated running your business can be, especially as a small organization. Often the daily pressures of operations can be so all-consuming that it limits your ability to stay abreast of industry trends and competitors, internally and externally.  Data analysis via a Business Intelligence tool can give you a bird’s eye view of your industry, to identify trends and anticipate problems that may need your attention. From simple to a fully integrated B.I. tool, we can help you select, deploy and integrate.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Today’s world requires information processing at great speed.

Management information systems are designed and programmed to gather and process financial information at every level of an organization’s management, from quick and thorough compliance reports to easy-to-produce custom management reports.

We are here to support your MIS needs. 

IT Products/Solutions Evaluation

Only a small percentage of IT products/solutions brought to market actually become widely used, to bring benefits and profits to their creators.  If your company is a creator or producer, our experts will properly evaluate your product/solution and provide a report covering all the strong and weak features for your target market(s), so you can play to your strengths.

If your company seeks to buy a product or solution, our experts will properly evaluate it and provide a report covering all the strong and weak features, so you can assess which is the best product/solution to adopt before you invest. 

We also perform buy versus build evaluations.

Business Management Systems (BMS)

Business management systems are designed to streamline and enhance the decision making and implementation of business strategies and plans. It helps to establish and meet the objectives of an organization.

BMS are used for planning and monitoring everything that is related to management decisions and providing metrics for evaluating processes. It might be useful for governmental organizations, that process a large amount of data.

Let us customize your BMS for maximization.

IT Products/Solutions Valuation

Product valuation is a process that includes deep analysis of a target market, purchasing capacity, and product value, among other components, in order to determine optimal pricing structure.  Correct pricing can lead to higher profits and maximization of your client base, critical elements of profitable software development and SaaS businesses. We provide services to help you evaluate your products realistically.

Owners and IT products/solutions buyers need to know the value of technologies beyond its pricing. Our valuation services ensure that you get maximum value from your IT investment/purchases, including your entire IT solutions stack.

Asset Management

Integration of your policies, processes, controls, solutions and human resources for asset management gain is our niche. Whether your infrastructure assets or technology assets or other assets, we will help you to meet your needs and requirement via tracking, rating, managing, monitoring service calls from beginning to end, and more abilities. 


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