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Opportunities to enhance youth interests, skills, and abilities.

Supporting a long history of substantial corporate giving, Ladlas Prince has active partnerships with various non-profit organizations and foundations to better align contributions with Ladlas Prince personnel’s volunteering efforts. In alignment with our core purpose, values, and goals, Ladlas Prince’s financial support and the involvement of our people are directed at building value within the communities where we live and work.

Ladlas Prince’s community involvement is designed based on the firm’s core values:
•We care for our communities and see value in supporting the civic organizations that provide the backbone for economic progress and the charitable organizations that provide the support and safety net for our communities’ citizens
•We share with our communities through our financial support of and volunteer participation with community organizations that demonstrate values reflective of our customers and our firm.
•We invest in our communities by offering our resources where appropriate in support of the causes and needs of civic and charitable organizations
• We grow, as a result of the leadership development opportunities, the satisfaction of making a difference, and from our increased sense of firm and team.

Our focus is youth development, a means of helping the youth of our communities to develop into productive members and leaders of our society. This is a focus for which our people have expressed great passion and a focus that we believe can create great long-term impact.

…Other means of supporting our communities:

In addition to youth development, we do small business development; there are many other ways in which Ladlas Prince supports its communities. Ladlas Prince’s personnel volunteer their time and talents (on a limited basis) by providing their professional services to small businesses in-need of our professional help for growth, but with no resources or limited resources; free of charge, both in the United States and in Sub-Saharan Africa markets.

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