More regulations are on the way! In the US and worldwide, governments are imposing new regulations on top of the regulations already in effect.

Security Compliance Consulting

We live in a time when cybersecurity concerns are on the rise. You will face scrutiny from multiple angles – whether from auditors, customers, or other security-concerned parties. Our security compliance consulting will help you to design security measures that will address all applicable and required security standards within your field or industry.

Sarbanes–Oxley Act implementation/maintenance support
  • Are you a publicly-traded company contemplating the acquisition of a small business or have you recently purchased a subsidiary?
  • Are you trying to sell your company and want to attract publicly-traded buyers?
  • Or is your SOX program costing you too much money?
  • Or is your SOX program getting too unwieldy?

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ISO 27001 - Information Security Management Standard

ISO 27001 is the King of security standards worldwide. If you handle sensitive data such as patients’ personal and health-related information, there is no better way to reassure them that their privacy is your top concern.  We can evaluate how well your security programs compare to the ISO 27001 standard, making recommendations to bring your security to the highest level.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

HIPAA legislation dictates the appropriate management of health care patients’ personal information, shielding it from unwanted disclosure. HIPAA requires all healthcare providers and other entities who handle this sensitive data to comply with its standards for storage, access, and transmission of patient information. Our team will help you to align your systems to comply with HIPAA guidelines.

DCAA Compliance

Every government contractor knows what DCAA means. Having a DCAA-compliant accounting system is a necessary goal for all small government contractors. Failing DCAA audit can be a corporate suicide, if care is not taken. It is especially more important now that DCAA switched to a stricter auditing system or approach. We can help your business to implement an accounting system that would meet all the requirements of the DCAA, so you can rest easy and work with the government officials with pleasure.

Other Compliances

Across industries, there are any number of standards and regulations that you might want or need to follow. Some are mandatory, some will elevate you above your competition or reassure your customers that you are safe or reliable. With our years of experience and diverse team, chances are good that we will be able to help you design or improve your compliance systems within a reasonable price point.

Are you DFARS aka NIST 800-171 complied, (Dec 2017 compliance date reached)?  Our experts will help ensure that your security measures adhere to their requirements.

Interim Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)/Compliance Director

Do you need an interim or permanent Compliance Director or CCO? You have come to the right place! This role is a very important position for companies that work in highly regulated industries. As more complex technology is becoming the norm for adhering to and measuring compliance, you need savvy professionals to help you navigate. Our professional chief compliance officers can help your company maintain and update your compliance management during a staffing gap or for a specific project.  We can even provide you a permanent CCO.

Compliance Staff Augmentation or Staffing

We live in a world where businesses must comply with a lot of different regulations, as governmental agencies and private sector clients are more and more concerned with your compliance management. Getting good specialists in this sphere is very important. We are ready to help you with your compliance staff augmentation needs.


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