Consulting Services

We are helping organizations rethink, re-engineer and remodel the way they do business by using our international & local business skills and experience to improve the relationships between technology, strategy, business processes and people .

We can help you weigh your options, research precedents, and explain relevant procedures. We’ll help you to develop effective approaches to managing your risk, at a competitive cost. 

Management Consulting/Solutions Services


Our Accounting services include accounting, bookkeeping, bank and G/L reconciliations, monthly operational/financial result, cash flow management, financial policies and procedures, A/R and billing process, A/P, inventory management, retail cost control, fixed asset.


Our approach to technology and it’s governance is unique and comprehensive. We focus on you, your organization and related stakeholders. Our team will assess your technology needs and offer solutions that bring value to your organization’s purpose.


If it’s worth having or creating, it’s worth securing. How you manage that security is the tricky part of the equation. Information systems are becoming more complex, with the number of possible vulnerabilities growing exponentially. Our information security consulting services are designed to help our customers determine their security risks and resources.


Across industries, there are any number of standards and regulations that you might want or need to follow. Some are mandatory, some will elevate you above your competition or reassure your customers that your website is safe or reliable. With our years of an experienced and diverse team, chances are good that we will be able to help you design or improve your compliance systems within a reasonable price point.

Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Which one came first, Data analysis or Business intelligence? We know how complicated running your business can be, especially as a small organization. Helping you to leverage information to advance your organization and improve lives is our job. Data analysis via a Business Intelligence tool can give you a bird’s eye view of your industry, to identify trends and anticipate problems that may need your attention.

Project Management Services

Effective Project Management is the key factor in successful, on-time project accomplishment. We come alongside companies and organizations to provide expert-level, professional Project Management services. We can help manage your project from initiation to completion or from a missing milestone to completion or to get a sluggish project back on track and gain sustainable momentum.


Change with less or no disruption!

Our Clients include