CyberSecurity Audits

Whether you are just starting to pay attention to cybersecurity or you are a veteran in protecting your business in cyberspace, independent evaluations are a critical piece in a comprehensive security plan

Cybersecurity Audit

Cybersecurity audits are necessary for organizations that deal with massive amounts of sensitive information that must be kept secure, including non-public personal (NPPI) records or patients’ confidential data. The first step in establishing a secure environment in your cyber-infrastructure is the evaluation of your risks and security measures in place to protect your system and data. Our service as independent cybersecurity auditors will help you to enhance your cybersecurity by finding gaps and giving you remediation recommendations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our vulnerability assessment is designed to identify weaknesses in your organization’s information systems, network and computer security plans. It will help to define potential threats to your infrastructure and identify the best methods to reduce those weaknesses, while predicting the effectiveness of the current vs. proposed security measures.

Penetration Test

Penetrations tests are crucial in checking the sturdiness of your security. These tests can be manual or automated, subject to the part of your security system in the audit scope, as attempts are made to breach your security using the vulnerabilities throughout the security systems infrastructure. Conducting periodic penetration tests is an excellent method for verifying and validating your organization’s security levels and effectiveness. It shows how your security protocols would respond in case of a real attack and can identify previously unnoticed vulnerabilities.

Website Security Audit

Our website security audit approach is unique in that we customize our audit approach base on your organization’s business intent and security needs in relation to its website type and related online technologies or cloud. Dynamic or static, different websites have their nuances that needs special attention further than any automated tool or artificial intelligence can evaluate appropriately. Contact us for your quote.

Mobile Apps Security Audit

Our mobile apps security audit investigates the integration and incorporation of  security from development to production, legal, and compliance then test all those touch points of security functions and vulnerability avenues, plus the applicable interfaces with mobile device, networks, servers and databases. Contact us for your quote.

Web-application Security Audit

We all know web application is the most convenient avenue for hackers to pursue an opportunity to mess with any given organization. Therefore, you have put in place your security perimiter. Now is time to spot check those gateskeepers (automated or manual or humans). Hiring us to conduct your audit means quality breath and dip testing and assurance.

Behavioral/User Security Audit

This is an emerging security audit approach and we are at the fore front of it. Join us in the front by asking us for this security audit type. From users to machine language, this behavioral/user security audit provide insight into effectiveness of security and what may be required to have an adequate organization wide security. Contact us for your quote.

Social Media Security Audit

Our social media security audit will help provide you with an independent feedback on your organization’s social media security posture. We audit for the harmony between social media platforms security provisions or changes and their effects on your organization’s social media security perimeter and requirement. The timely performance of this is key.


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