Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Integrating our solutions and services, helping you to achieve your goals is the key.

Data Analysis

Our data analysts can help your organization to identify fraudulent activity, invalid accounting models, evidence for litigation support, accounting estimates, subsidy rates, and cost rates.

Database Solutions

You need your database to be more than just a bucket of data. Innovation is the key. We will build you an asset that can valued on your balance sheet and will be appreciated by your stakeholders.

Collections & Recoveries

We have everything you need to implement and gain successful collections strategies. You get solutions and services tailored to your exact needs, including litigation support.

Retail Location Planning

We can help you with your global market analysis and retail network planning efforts. We can also help with your scenario modelling needs at home and abroad, including Africa.

Litigation Support

Our Analysts will take up the challenge of applying their technical knowledge in any adversarial proceeding to protect your dollars and businesses. Assisting triers-of-fact to arrive at equitable solutions of complex disputes.

Business Intelligence Solution

Let us help you to reduce or remove existing overhead on quality and timely data collection and reporting, empowering you with data-focus and intelligence-driven decision-making. Harmonizing people, policy & process.

Competitive Intelligence

Our Competitive Intelligence solutions and services are proprietary. Gaining an understanding of your position and your competition is just the beginning. Helping you to engineer this art and science for business viability is our niche.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Support

Customers are not just a number. They are your business’ heart beat. You need to keep a healthy relationship with your customers. We can help you to cultivate, gain, and maintain loyal customers. That’s profit.


Change with less or no disruption!

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