Data Center Solutions

Data center needs will continue to grow, fueling the expansion of mobile data centers, especially in rural/remote areas; Data centers based not on central locations, but on proximity to end users

Data Center Design

Data center is the heart and mind of an organization’s IT infrastructure, safeguarding all your most critical data.  It must be secure and reliable, especially in the governmental sector, yet with instantaneous on-demand access to the information.  Our team knows how and when to employ the appropriate mandatory and optional standards to design a data center in the most effective way to meet the best standards in this market space.

Mobile Data Center Design & Deployment

Mobile data centers are cheaper and more flexible than stationary data centers.  Differing requirements are driving a variety of mobile data center designs, including designs with green energy sources.  We offer turnkey data center solutions, including design and deployment. Healthcare service providers in remote/rural areas and those with Telehealth services are encouraged to contact us for consultation on how we can help them with their mobile data center needs.

Call Center O & M

Let us help with your call center design, operation, and maintenance. We are a one stop shop when it comes to call centers; we can help you with the set up, relocation, call center systems selection, moving and migration of your call center(s). We engage in consulting to develop your plan, policies, procedures and improve your overall.  Subjected to your need(s), we can offer you a 24/7 call center support that handles inbound and outbound calls, plus online chats, and emails.

Call Center Training

Call centers not only equal customer service, customer service is why you made the investment. Operating and managing your organization’s call center can be a daunting cost or pleasant revenue booster. The difference is in how much call center awareness training you have as the management or executive and how much customer service training you have provided to your call center team. Let us help you with your customer service training.

Help Desk O & M

We can help you to operate and maintain your helpdesk or help you to set it up right. 

We help you to establish an operational plan, policy, and procedures, by selecting the right helpdesk management software best for your organization and recruiting helpdesk analysts.

Subject to your need(s), we offer a turnkey solution, 24/7 on-call or in-house helpdesk design, implementation, operate and maintain,  then transfer. 


Help Desk Training

If you think it is expensive to train your helpdesk team, try not training them and see what it will cost you.

The pendulum is swinging back to touch labor. We predict it will stop in the middle; that’s a hybrid of virtual and touch-labor support or helpdesk.

Our team of helpdesk trainers are ready to customize your training plan and delivery too.

We have budget-friendly packages for all sizes of helpdesk teams/departments.

Distributed Mesh Data Center
  • Software defined data center with distributed redundant nodes
  • Provide more than just edge caching
  • Use factory configured containerized data center PODs
  • Ultra low latency to edge devices and mobile
  • Leverage widely available Openstack framework
  • DRAAS allows nodes to migrate via Openstack
  • Sumo allows object storage backup on a constant basis.
Edge Caching
  • Bring the most visited/ most useful sites within close proximity to users
  • Can be used for any type of data
  • All sites available – humanitarian, agriculture and educational sites optimized
  • Possible partners:, Akamai, Mobile Providers.

Change with less or no disruption!

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