Desk Reviews

Who said "trust, but verify" is detrimental? We have been trusted desk reviewers to startups, small, medium, large companies and government agencies!

Sector Analysis Report Audit

Either you paid a consultant for your Sector analysis report or your staff product, before you use it for decision-making, protect your investment by leveraging our sector analysis report audit.

Marketing Analysis/Studies Audit

Our Marketing analysis report audit takes such report for a test drive.  Included are the testing of its description of market trends, projections, customers, perceptions, and competition, etc.

Feasibility Studies Audit

Use our Feasibility studies audit to verify the accuracy of such report and to make a decision. With our review result, you can reject, revise or approve the study for decision-making.

Viability Studies Audit

Use our Viability studies report audit to validate the accuracy of such report on a venture’s sustainability and to make a decision,  testing the report’s strategies for business growth and sustainability.

Business Plan Audit

Can be summarized into verifying the plan covers the organization’s top level objectives, mission, target markets, customers, competition, complementary opportunities, SWOTS, forecast, guiding policies and their reasonableness.

Financial Model Audit

Accurately testing the model reflects the reality of the associated venture’s financial situation. Making sure it calculates the risks and benefits based on main hypotheses. Validating all the numbers flow to the right total and financial effects.

Desk Study Reports Audit

Internal or External Desk Research is quick, cheap and most basic information are easily fetched and can be used as benchmark in the studies.  However, subject to multiple factors, it could be a complete waste of time or money or both. Therefore, before you rely on it, let’s audit it for you.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Investigations

We provide assistance in ensuring that discrimination complaints are processed fairly, promptly, thoroughly, and in strict compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity regulations. We provide assistance in auditing your EEO policies and practices to prevent complaints too.


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