Funds-Grants-Loan Facilitation

For both new or mature organizations, strategic planning is crucial for funding of any type

Startup Finance

Having a great idea for a new enterprise is always exciting. But first, you’ll need to find financing for your startup. This can be tricky as traditional investors and lenders are often interested primarily in established firms with cash flow. Getting to a point where investors would be interested in your business can be challenging.

If you want to start your own company, but need support as you navigate early funding or financing, we can help.

Corporate Finance

Managing corporate finance helps to increase the value of your organization and bring new sources of funding. Corporate finance is also concerned with determining which projects should be prioritized to increase the value of your company and whether they should be financed by debt or equity.

If you need help with corporate finance, let us know and as a facilitator, we will help you navigate the various options.

Trade/Project Finance

If you are in domestic or international trading, and need funding or financing to source and deliver your sales activities, contact us. We are a facilitator of direct trade loans and have various access to corporations, banks and other financial institutions.

The smart use of limited resources and finances is one of the necessary methods for managing multiple long-term projects in any organization. We can help you to better plan and source financing for your projects & political risk insurance.

Sector analysis/studies

Our Sector analysis production can help you identify and vet the sector your business is in or plans to be in, and identify strategies for succeeding. It makes it much easier to narrow the search for a high-potential investment opportunity. Our team can conduct a sector analysis, whether you want to invest in the healthcare sector or you are starting an e-commerce business, or simply looking for opportunities in other industries.

Marketing analysis/studies

Our marketing analysis production will help you to identify or vet your current or future market and identify how to maximize the value of such market; find out the state of your market in a specific sector/industry and identify opportunities for expansion. It will help you to understand and monitor the market dynamics and predict upcoming market trends. Our professionals will make your strategic planning much easier with a detailed marketing analysis/study.

Feasibility studies

Our feasibility study is the analysis of a possible success or failure of your business model or concept, conducted to make sure that investing time, money and other resources in your project/business would yield benefits for you or your company. Your feasibility studies will account for a wide array of internal and external factors.

Our team is ready to help you conduct feasibility studies with great professionalism and attention to detail.

Viability studies

Our Viability studies production will help you assess the sustainability of your business or its concept. Our Viability studies are meant to help you assess your strategies for growing your business and operating in a sustainable manner in the future. This detailed scrutiny can greatly help you or your investors to predict how long a business model can thrive.

We can help your organization conduct its viability studies by leveraging our people, technologies and methodologies.

Business Plan

A business plan is the roadmap for the company’s operational success, listing goals along with the plans and steps to reach those goals. When you start a new enterprise, or want to change business directions in your company, a good business plan is a necessary first step. It will help you to stay on track and devise sound strategies, plus show investors that you have a solid plan that makes your company a great candidate for investment.

Leverage our professionals, best practices and technologies to engineer a solid business plan for your business.


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