General Audits

Whether your organization is experiencing growth or not, consider using our audit services to identify your opportunities for growth

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Complementary Audit Services

Our Complementary Audit services give you access to multiple types of internal or research audits. We will design and execute a productive assessment for you, including the development of focused methods and strategies for different evaluations. Our team will leverage best technologies and methodologies in the industry for your applicable audits.

Internal Financial Audit

Our independent but friendly approach ensures objectivity and harmony. Leveraging our integration approach and technologies, we will gladly help you conduct fast and precise audits to assess those aspects of your organization’s operations you want to look at. We can provide you with a full-blown internal audit function or simply help where needed for as long as you need us.

Internal Controls Audit

Internal controls are typically not the problem. Often, internal controls are put in place with a “brute force” mindset, forgetting that humans are not zombies. Once in place, it is necessary to audit those internal controls to determine if they are accomplishing their purpose. Our integrated team will gladly help you to conduct your internal controls audits and report findings with viable recommendations.

Internal Process Audit

The mere fact that your workers or organization achieved the required results doesn’t mean the results were achieved in the most efficient or cost-effective manner. Our Internal process audit is designed to find out if your organization’s internal processes are rightly processed. We will gladly help you to conduct process audits, report findings and make recommendations for improvement.

Operations Audit

Our Operational audits are thorough assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization’s operations. Useful for any organization that is concerned about its operational effectiveness and efficiency and finding ways to lower costs, we improve performance and deliver better service. Our integrated auditors are ready to conduct operational audits and help find ways to enhance your operations.

Inventory Audit

Inventories, quantities and values can be dynamic in nature. Historical values of your inventories are one measurement, while the market values are another, and actual physical quantities can be another benchmark. It’s important to pay attention to the different types of valuations. Our Inventory audits are designed to check whether your inventory processes and systems work correctly and efficiently.

Environmental & Social Audit

Do you know the scope of the environmental and social footprints your organization leaves as a consequence of its economic activities? As a responsible organization, you should know. Our Environmental & Social Audit will afford you the opportunity to vet the accuracy of your statement and claim on your environment and sustainability report.

Value for Money Audit

As a public or charity organization, having a VFM audit done sets you apart. VFM will help you to assess and show your organization’s efficiency, effectiveness, and economical use of its resources. Attracting your communities’ trust or continuous support.


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Thank you for your time and talent yesterday. I’m very appreciative of all of your team’s efforts on behalf of Great Lakes Barbell Club!

Debbie Hudson

Great Lakes Barbell Club

Professional Team

Ladlas Prince (Lp)’s Team members (Team-Lp) are great professionals. There were no overruns for funding during the contract’s period. Lp’s management of the services under contract was good during this evaluation period. Interaction between Government and Team-Lp has been a positive experience. Team-Lp did meet scheduled deliverables for the testing and production cycles. Team-Lp met the needs of the program as established in the contract in a timely manner.

Anonymous COR

Contract Specialist
A Government Agency

A Great Experience

This is a great experience. We are very pleased and satisfied with their service delivery, the recruitment processes and the achieved results. They are a group of professionals, and we will do business again with them!

Babatunde Ade Adejumo

Managing Partner
Tunde Adejumo & Co.

Ladlas Prince is the Best!

They ensured that all aspect of our Operations requirements were executed effectively. They quickly identified our internal and external process gaps and implemented solutions to address them. They supported our staff from the gaps mitigation planning through implementation, plus monitoring.

Anonymous CIO

A Military Branch

Pragmatics Set of Professionals

We never knew we could get such pragmatics set of professionals in this city. Where have you been all this while? We need more of this type of HR training and Consulting from you as SMEs, to ensure subsistence growth and development of our businesses.

Yewande F. Oladipupo

Blessed Seeds Concepts

100% Recommended

I really appreciate the unprecedented effort your team has put in to prepare us for the next level. I would definitely recommend Lp to others in eCommerce.


An eCommerce Company

Timely Delivery of Project

A timely delivery of the project as they promised. The project’s deliverable is quite good, very captivating and very pleasant delivery overall. We really appreciate this.

Wole A. Sowole

Savannah Concerns Development Company