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As a Contractor, private or government, you know too well, what keeps you up at night, like generating new leads or businesses, account receivable (a fancy name for unpaid work), unfavorable contracts, projects delay, finding and hiring employees (trade and nontrade), safety, increase regulations and compliance plus the effects of various legacy technology in the value chain of general contractors just to name few.  

As a government contractor, in addition to the above, you have to deal with the excessive volume of paperwork, where every check-mark may lead to a high consequence or penalty. If you have a GSA contract, add the routing efforts of maintaining your GSA contracts or maintaining your social certifications.

Above all, as a Government Contractor, the certainty of uncertainty of government shutdown affecting your payment or contracts raises the level of your concern, isn’t it? 

You don’t have to lose sleep, the good news is here!


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Ladlas Prince is proud to provide affordable professional services to the government contractors industry.  Let us help you to:

  • Stay alert and stay alive via adequate business management
  • Design, implement and maintain an adequate accounting system
  • Recognize, meet and maintain your compliance requirement
  • Meet DCAA Compliant Accounting requirement
  • Secure your business, Internet of Things and Cyber footprints
  • Prepare for disaster and continuous operation
  • Meet the DFARS Compliance for DoD
  • Position for success in Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act of 2017 marketplace
  • Position for success in "Other Transaction Authority" and "best-in-class" contracts marketplace
  • Balance your outbound and inbound risk in today’s value-based government contracting market

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