Our managed Health-IT or HIT service offerings are robust, focusing on the healthcare industry, including secure access to patient information across the world

Health Information Technology (Health-IT)

Information technologies are transforming the healthcare industry. Modern IT solutions for hospitals and pharmacies help to simplify the lives of patients, doctors and administrators by providing easy access to secure, reliable data and information, whether offline or online, eliminating paper documents such as manual health records or prescriptions.

Hospital Management Systems (HMS)

Hospital management systems integrate everything related to hospital operation from scheduling to billing, mobile apps, ward and laboratory management, etc. It provides doctors, patients and hospital management quick and easy access to accurate information.

Our HMS solutions will provide reporting that drives accurate and informed decisions concerning hospital management and policies.

Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS)

The long trend of replacing paperwork in healthcare chain/organizations with digital technologies is true in the pharmacy space as well.

Our Pharmacy Management System solutions automate pharmacy management by integrating inventory management, dispensing and other functions to help make every aspect more secure and efficient.

EHRs, E-prescribing & PHRs

Helping your healthcare organization to navigate complex initiatives such as patient focus, interoperability and information security is our niche. Our team of experienced healthcare system engineers are current with the industry technology updates and trends. We excel in innovative solution design and implementations. We can help you to design and implement a system to support your EHR, PHR and e-prescribing goals.


Healthcare interoperability is the goal of this newest standard from HL7. Let us help you through the FHIR.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare is changing; data is the driving force, and analytics of the data will improve patient outcomes.  With the availability of data comes the need for a healthcare intelligence system.  Let us help you with your healthcare data analytics.

Healthcare Data Warehousing

Pictures archiving and communication system (PACS) storage and transfer are dictated by the Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM). Whether you want to implement COT solutions or custom PACS, our consultants stand ready to support you through all the required phases.

Biomedical & Medical Device Integration

Biomedical and medical devices’ integration capabilities are growing daily and so is the need to leverage them. Let us design your HL7 interfaces and integration with your devices, hospital EMR and other platform.


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