Information Technology (IT) Audits

IT audit is important because it gives assurance that your IT systems are of adequate value, as well as manage and provide reliable information to achieve their intended benefits

Information Technology (IT) Value Audit

Do you know how much value you are getting from your IT assets and resources, and is it adequate or is it even measurable?  The ability to answer this question is mission-critical, but very time consuming and challenging, and can easily overlook important factors when performed by inexperienced staff or those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Our expert IT auditors measure whether your IT infrastructure works correctly and efficiently, and evaluates the actual value that your IT systems bring to your business/organization.

Information Technology Audit (IT-Audit)

Information technology audits evaluate your organization’s IT infrastructure and environment. Although primarily concerned with efficiency and effectiveness of your IT systems, it is also invaluable for organizational standardization, IT governance, policies, process and people, as well as for evaluating compliance or performing due diligence. Let us help you with auditing your IT infrastructure, so you can be sure it is enabling- rather than hindering- your business.

IT Governance Audit

Public, Private, NGOs and Government organizations need IT Governance. Implementing IT governance takes lot of time and efforts. However, having a structure that aligned an organization’s IT strategy with its business strategy is only a half way solution without an independent periodic audits on it. Regardless of what framework you use, COBIT or ITIL or COSO or CMMI or FAIR, our auditors are ready to audit and strengthen your program.

Identity & Access Management Audit

Our identity and access management audit or IAM audit is about auditing how you define and manage the roles and access privileges of individual network users and the circumstances in which users are granted (or denied) those privileges in your organization. The main objective of IAM systems is identity integrity per individual. Our audit will check how a digital identity is established, maintained, modified and monitored throughout users’ “access lifecycle.”

Application/IT Asset management Audit

Our IT asset management (ITAM) audit is assessing the set of business practices that join financial, contractual and inventory functions to support life cycle management and strategic decision-making for an organization’s IT environment. This includes all elements of software and hardware that are found in the same organization.

ITGC Audit

Our IT general controls (ITGC) audit assess the controls that apply to all systems components, processes, and data for an organization or information technology (IT) environment, including, system and data backup and recovery control users.  Do not find out late.

Backup & Recovery Audit

Our backup audit will examine your organization’s entire backup process, looking for weaknesses, inefficiencies and points of failure(s). Testing your backup and recovery program & process agianst industry-best practices by independent experts like us will give you a comprehensive audit, more specific and useful recommendations.

Data Center Audit

Data-center audit is fine, but, to what standard?  Therefore, it is important that an organization knows what is motivating the data-center audit. Multiple standards can be applied to data-center audit. However, knowing the motive upfront will inform the audit scope and cost. Our audit approach is unique and gives you unique results, and you spend less.


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