Information Technology (IT) Staffing

Startup or not, if you need qualified, seasoned IT professionals to enhance your organization, we can help

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Our Interim CIOs are seasoned professionals who temporarily fill in the role of a CIO, with responsibility for information technology and computer systems that support your enterprise goals. Our Interim CIO professionals will innovate, collaborate, balance your IT budget and motivate your IT staff.

We can help you with recruiting and placement for your permanent role too.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)/IT Director

Our CTOs possess technical expertise, and their skillsets reach far beyond coding or engineering to include IT vision-casting, production, business development, end-user responsibility, and marketing. They will collaborate seamlessly among all levels and departments.  They can improve the existing technology and also bring fresh ideas and implementation to enhance your organization’s performance.

IT Staff Augmentation

Augmenting you with the best team that meet your requirements and fit the culture of your organization is our focus. You can rely on us for your IT staff augmentation, saving you time with effective leverage.

IT Staff Staffing

Finding and keeping reliable staff to maintain and safeguard IT functions is a time-consuming challenge. We are a team of sophisticated recruiting experts who carefully assess every candidate’s skillset. You can rely on us for your IT staff staffing, saving you time to focus your efforts on your business growth.

Temporary/Contract IT Hire

If you need temporary or contract positions, contact us.

We can help you hire well-qualified specialists or provide the temporary professional assistance to boost your accounting group’s performance and output.

For Tech & Engineering Job Seekers

We offer unconventional career advice, trainings and opportunities to help you navigate the job market and take the next steps in achieving your long-term professional goals.

Budget Friendly

We have budget friendly packages for micro, small, large and government agencies. Contact us.

Tech & Engineers Performance Management

Tech & Engineers performance management can be straight forward or complicated, depending on the uniqueness of an organization. Let us help you design and develop or improve your performance management program/process.


Change with less or no disruption!

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