IT Policy, Program & Project Management

Policy + Program + Project Management = Plan, Do, Check & Act

Technology Policies

Technology policies must be clear, plain languages of guiding principles to help your organization’s technology decision-making.

Technology Procedures

Technology procedures are your particular ways of conducting, accomplishing and maintaining technology end results of your organization.

Technology Governance

Our support will ensure a traceability of your information and technology performance and risk management to your corporate governance.

Technology Budgeting

There are multiple moving parts in technology design, implementation and maintenance. Meaning their costs are constantly moving too. Let us help.

Program Management

Working with limited resources, managing multiple related projects is intense and stressful. Helping you with it, is our forte.

Project Management

Initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing work of team(s) to create a product, service or result by a date is hard.

Acquisition Support

Our acquisition support includes planning, source selection, contract administration, closeout and maintenance for clients.


Leveraging us to develop your performance work statement or statement of work or statement of objectives is smart, we bid not on resulting RFP/Q.


Change with less or no disruption!

Our Clients include