IT Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing

Technologies, Software, Mobile Applications and Cloud solutions are evolving as major components of many organizations globally

Website Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing – one of the most important steps to a successful website, is often overlooked. If you hired an outside firm to design and build your website or done in-house, let us help you to conduct an Acceptance Test from an unbiased point of view. 

Mobile Apps Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing determines whether your app meets users’ criteria and other benchmarks that you want it to meet.  Before certifying your mobile apps as complete, let us help you to do an independent, customized acceptance test.  In addition to your requirements/specifications, our professional testers will help you identify gaps for future versions that your customers need and want.

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Our QA Assurance testers review and evaluate every aspect of your solution, software and its development, from design to product and integration, to ensure your released product will meet all requirements for both technical and users. It is meant to find any mishaps within your IT product before its release.

Independent verification and validation (IV&V)

IV&V are used to determine if your product or system fully meets the design specifications and requirements originally set out. Whether developed in-house or implemented by a COT, your solutions or systems can benefit from our IV&V services.

Deep Test & Evaluation

We conduct deep tests to assess design, development, performance, supportability, suitability, etc. For product manufacturers, we test to their specifications and for customers, we test to their requirement, helping to inform and improve their developmental and operational functions. Our test and evaluation approaches and strategies bring commonsense into testing reality, without losing the testing objectivity.

Technology Tests

In our testing warehouse are Acceptance testing, System testing, Integration testing, and Unit testing. Our acceptance test checks for compliance with business requirement before delivery. Our system test is a technology testing where a complete and integrated system is tested. Our integration test combines individual units to test as a group. Our unit test checks individual unit/component to see if it performs as designed and before the integration test.

Capacity & Stress Test

Our capacity test checks to see how many users or consumption or production your technology can handle before its performance or stability suffers.

Our stress test intentionally put burden and intense thorough vetting on any given system or technology beyond normal operation capacity to determine its stability or breaking point.

Both capacity and stress tests are uniquely and collectively important.

Human System Integration (HSI) Test

Our HSI testing and evaluation include the early stage analytical, formative, and formal pass/fail tests on human factors requirements, plus workload measurement, situation awareness and usability. Integrating the HSI testing and systems/engineering testing is one of our unique capabilities.

Our Professional Testers are on standby to support you and your organization.


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