African Community/Retail Pharmacy Stores (C/RPS)

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Community/Retail Pharmacy Stores (C/RPS) in africa

Part of the opportunities in Africa is the African Retail Pharmacy Stores’ inability to operate like its counter part in the Western/Mature Markets. Computer revolution explains the increasing growth gap between these two markets. Exacerbated by conditions like lack of electricity and technology infrastructure, which makes it difficult to attract C/RPS computer use. This also explains the increasing gap in the impact of computers in healthcare, when compared to western countries or other emerging market like India. Ladlas Prince’s Solutions for Africa heal these pains head on. Therefore, we are calling on corporations, philanthropic foundations, bilateral and multilateral organizations that are active in Africa or want to strengthen health systems in Africa. We are “a coin operator” that gets things done in Africa, therefore, let us help you to get more done with your money. 

Our Basic Package

Without electricity/power, rural or non-rural retail pharmacy stores will function with their computers and excel using our basic off-grid solution and support.

Our Full Package

Without power/electricity, rural or non-rural community pharmacy stores will function with their lights, fans, computers and be competitive with their counterparts in the Western/Mature markets using our turn-key package.

Future Benefits


Creditworthy Pharmacies

Creditworthy Pharmacies upgrade projects, and more efficient delivery of capital. Not to leave out the other benefits like Community Pharmacies Network, Capabilities for Drug-Drug Interaction, Physicians Prescription Interface to pharmacies, and patients focus health system.

Sustainable Development/Growth

Access to technical skills and technological platforms to enhance Pharmacies’ performance, growth and competition in their market. Better educated Pharmacies-Entrepreneurs.

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