Risk Management

Continuous evaluation of your organization’s operational risks will help you make sound decisions, avoid issues, and stay in management

Audit Readiness

Why wait to find out the wrong way, when you can find out the right way? Let us prepare you for your audit. Just imagine a student taking a test before doing his/her homework. Advance preparation is very important because failing an audit almost certainly will negatively affect your organization’s future. That’s why performing audit readiness tests can help put your organization in the best position for the future. Early detection of any gaps in your systems gives you the opportunity to fix issues before they become open items in an external audit gap report.

Audit Remediation

While it may be easy for internal or external auditors to find problems or gaps in your organization’s processes, they may not be prepared to recommend the fix or mitigation. When you receive an audit report that requires action, do not take it as a catastrophe, it is an opportunity. Act fast and call us for assistance with remediation discoveries, plan(s) development or implementation, and to help you improve your organizational systems. Using an independent remediator(s), while you focus on running your business can benefit your organization. It is our niche to perform audit remediation with little to no disruption to your daily activities.

Operational Risks & Management

While you may be required to comply with applicable regulatory requirements, moving beyond only focusing on compliance risk can be strategically important.

Operational risks can be either internal or external to your organization’s activities, including business continuity, environmental, crisis, systems and processes: information technology systems, people, health and safety. To mitigate those risks, they must first be correctly identified, assessed, measured, minimized or eliminated, and then subsequently monitored.

Our ORM professionals will help you to establish a framework and system to address operational risks correctly and quickly.

Internal Processes and Controls Implementation

Our internal processes and controls implementation services can help organizations operate more effectively and efficiently, giving owners and senior management more peace of mind.

One great example of adding peace of mind is workflow automation. Internal controls can be designed and set to prevent unwanted manipulation of the organization’s operations/processes. They can also identify issues before costly errors occur.

Control assurance support, fraud risk management, data analysis, policies and procedures development, and agreed upon procedures support are included in our internal processes and controls services.

Program Management Services

Whether driven by regulatory changes, competitive pressures, technology advances or other reasons, our program management services are supporting business transformations by helping organizations achieve their business strategic objectives, complex organizational change initiatives, and program rescue. Program management is used when oversight on a larger than usual project level is necessary.

Our project managers will support your initiatives to ensure your whole program is successful. We will leverage best practices and appropriate technologies to meet your organization’s goals and objectives.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services

Every enterprise has known and unknown risks (enterprise, fire, IT, Cyber/Info Security, legal, compliance, safety, etc.), which may be internal and external to the organization. Timely assessment of those risks will greatly help your decision-making on mitigation designs and strategies. We will help you to assess, identify and develop mitigation procedures and strategies to keep your operations as smooth as possible. Our integrated professional team is committed to providing “the best of the best” risk assessment and mitigation services.

Data Analysis

Numbers don’t lie; meaning data, raw or static, business and financial information; their analysis, calculations and decision-making give Gospel truth in all accounts. Gathering data, from both internal systems and external sources, for use in making business or fraud analysis, is powerful. Our ability to analyze your data and prepare reports for you to make informed decisions is a blessing for you to leverage.

Our data analysis services can support your organization by creating data structures for you to feed a business intelligence tool or dashboard program.

Business Intelligence (BI)

In today’s world, management can’t afford to limit their analysis, calculations and decision-making to raw or static business and financial information. Leveraging modern technologies and methodologies, it becomes possible to greatly enhance these data and processes. BI tools give you the ability to analyze the data and prepare reports for more informed and faster decision making. Our business intelligence services can support your organization by creating intuitive dashboards and reports which provide reliable key metrics and data to designated staff. This type of insight will allow your organization to move quickly when reacting to competitive threats, improving services or products, or analyzing business opportunities.


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