Security Audit Staffing

Our Security professionals cover security of physical, network and logical, data, encryption, governance, plus standard practices that might affect security

Business Crisis Management (BCM) Audit

Our BCM audit will help any organization to have less or no impact to key business functions and operations, when there is an incident or crisis of any kind. It is one thing to rehearse a BCM, auditing your BCM is another thing. The severity and circumstances of the actual crisis is unknown, however, our independent and rigorous audit of your BCM will help you to improve for the unknown and its adaptability.

Cybersecurity/Security Audit Staff Augmentation

If you need additional highly qualified cyber/info security audit staff/team members, we can help. For long or short term, you can leverage our well-trained and highly committed security audit team who will help increase your resources in keeping your IT infrastructure and data secure.

Cybersecurity/Security Audit Staffing

If you need additional highly qualified cybersecurity audit staff temporarily or permanently, we can help identify, recruit and place the right talent for the positions. We can provide you with well-trained and highly committed security audit staff who will help keep your IT infrastructure and data secure.

Excellent Timing

We offer placement of Security audit or Cybersecurity audit professionals in direct-hire and consulting roles. Our understanding of Cyber/Info security audit base, communities, and our candidates database ensures our customers access to superior talents with experienced and entry level Security auditors.

Our preparation gives us speed and gives our customers opportunities, and us both an excellent timing for value exchange.

Worldwide Availability

Our Security auditors, Cybersecurity auditors and candidates are professional road warriors. Our Buddies Professional Network afford us the ability to support you with both expatriates and local talents worldwide.

Budget Friendly

We have budget friendly packages for both small and large organizations. Making you a repeat customer in the short term and loyal customer in the long term is our goal and informs how we work for you.

Security Audit Job Seekers

We offer unconventional career advice, trainings and opportunities to help you navigate the job market and take the next steps in achieving your long term professional goals.

Cyber/Security Auditors Performance Management

Cybersecurity/security Auditors’ performance management can be straight forward or complicated, depending on the uniqueness of an organization. Let us help you design and develop or improve your performance management program/process.


Making it better together!

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