Security Audits

We have been trusted security auditors to the world's greatest companies and governments, and we continue to grow

Business Security Audits
  • Information Security Audit (Security Audit)
  • Information Security Assessment
  • Physical Security Audit
  • Operational Security Audit
  • Internal Threat Assessment/Audit
  • Cloud Security Audit
  • Security Rating Audit
CyberSecurity Audits
  • Cybersecurity Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Website security audit
  • Web-application Security audit
  • Mobile apps security audit
  • User security audit
  • Penetration Test
  • Others
Security Audit Staffing
  • Cybersecurity/Security Audit Staff Augmentation
  • Cybersecurity/Security Audit Staffing
  • Business Crisis Management (BCM) audit
Network Security Audit

Our network security audit will help the performance of an organization’s network security posture, monitoring of trends and specific security incidents investigation. Our audit report will also help you to identify and deploy an improved network security baseline.

Application Security Audit

Our application security audit will help an organization or developer to produce or integrate software that’s free of security flaws and vulnerabilities. Including:

  • Logical security audit
  • Source code security audit
  • Encryption audit
  • Gate keepers audit
Red Team Availability

Our red team stand ready to deploy for your organization on demand. We will help you to check how you stand against the advisory tactics when deployed against your environment. Plus letting you know your detection and response capabilities. Our red team arsenal includes:

  • Development security operation (DevSecOps) audit
  • Red Team gaps remediation follow on audit
Business Continuity Program (BCP) /(COOP) Audit

A Business Continuity Program or Plan (BCP) or Continuity of Operation (COOP) is a halfway solution, without its periodic audit.

Our BCP/COOP audit will help your ability to sustain essential functions for up to 30 days before returning to normal operation, after a disaster or advisories attack. Key parts of our audit include backup and recovery audit

Segregation of duties Audit

Due to limited resources, separation/segregation of duties (SoD) is never adequate in both small and large organizations. Therefore, it is important to have a periodic audit done to help you identify the red lights, so you can maintain adequate SoDs that fuel your organization’s success. Our SoD audit will help you to maintain this control without losing efficiency you need from your limited resources.


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