Security Consulting

Organizations that collect or store non-public personal information (NPPI) for customers, members or employees need information security management, whether the information is maintained in physical copies or electronically, and including when the company does not have internet access

Information Security Consulting

Information systems are becoming more complex, with the number of possible vulnerabilities growing exponentially. Our information security consulting services are designed to help our customers determine their information security risks and vulnerabilities. If you are currently experiencing information security problems, our consultant can help mitigate the damage and build controls that harden your systems for the future. Let us help you before you experience a breach that causes you to lose data and trigger regulatory issues.

Security design, architecture and implementation

Having effective security design, architecture and implementation is the foundation of a fortified enterprise with a secure environment. Building a safe environment is one of the top priorities of modern businesses. This may be a higher priority than other types of defenses such as a security guard, firewalls, DMZ and more, as they sit on this foundation.

Our security design, architecture, and implementation services provide a comprehensive analysis that incorporate security protocols into your everyday business framework.

Security Policy, Procedure and Process services

Harmonizing the people, processes and policies around security can help create a culture of security awareness and safety. We will help you customize policies and procedures concerning your organization’s information security, including distributing responsibilities, building accountability into the system and designing methods to monitor and enforce security rules. As a final step, we will provide thorough documentation as a platform from which to build in the future.

Security Framework Implementation or Improvement

Information security frameworks are complex systems designed to provide efficiency in the overall protection of an organization’s information systems. They provide consistent, repeatable and reliable ways of managing security functions. They also provide guidance concerning data protection, asset management, governance and risk management, and more. It can be challenging to build a solid infrastructure without the right tools and talents in-house.

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Physical Security Design, Implementation & Improvement

When the majority of the emphasis is placed on data and network security, not enough attention may be given to physical security and threats that can walk in the front door.  Surveillance systems, physical access controls, alarm management and other security measures can prevent and detect malicious intent penetrations. Regardless of how big or small your organization is, you need physical security . We can provide services in designing security measures to prevent unauthorized access to offices, server rooms and other types of facilities.

Access Management Solutions & Support

Our Access Management Solutions and Support are designed to help with managing accounts and user groups, setting privileges and assigning access rights. Having the right access management policies and procedures in healthcare or other organizations with sensitive data can greatly reduce the chances of data corruption due to human error or unauthorized access.

Our access management solutions & services include efficiently managing access by employees or vendors, potentially across multiple systems and software platforms.

Security Management Services (On/Off Site)

When you have computer technology, whether local or cloud-based, you need security management services. The question isn’t whether you can afford the services, but whether you can afford not to have these services, particularly when a breach occurs.  Give us a call and we can show you how security management services make financial and business sense. 

Our Security Management Services provide risk assessment and analysis on how to implement adequate measures to prevent any security breach.

We provide both on-site and off-site security management services.

Incident Management Service (On/Off Site)

Security breaches, DDoS attacks and other types of cyberattacks are growing concerns worldwide. Even though your system is protected, you will need to respond in the event of an attack.  It is better to be prepared for how to respond when an attack occurs. Best case scenario, the business can continue to operate while the incident is investigated, and systems are upgraded as needed. Our Incident Management Services can help minimize the impact on your operations. Our IMS is designed to respond to incidents and restore your operations to normal as quickly as possible.


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