Security Staffing

We have been trusted security advisors to the world's biggest companies, and we continue to grow with the help of more than 10,000 professionals in our global network

Chief Security officer (CSO)

Our Interim CSOs can act as your temporary Chief Security Officer during any sort of transitions in your organization. Our Interim CSO can also help revamp your organization’s security policies, procedures and strategies, along with providing project management services. If you are concerned with a critical security project or effort that requires completion with precision and quality, our interim CSOs may be the right choice to get the job done now.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Our Interim CISO is a Chief Information Security Officer who will take a temporary role in your organization to enhance your information security team or to help with a particularly important IT security project. The responsibilities of your Interim CISO can be extensive and may include managing security teams, providing leadership and guidance, leading the development of information security systems, strengthening governance, project management and other tasks.


Cybersecurity/Security Staff Augmentation

Most organizations, regardless of size, experience staff augmentation gaps at some point. Complex and system-wide security projects require additional help of highly skilled engineers or specialists. We can help with providing trained security experts who can enhance the performance of your Cyber/IT security team and will stay involved until the end of the project. Our specialists hold leading industry certificates.

Cybersecurity/Security Staffing

We can help recruit and place trained security experts who can enhance the performance of your Cyber/IT security staff for your needs. Our specialists hold leading industry certificates and will help you in all tasks concerning your cyber/information security.

For Security & CyberSecurity Job Seekers

We offer unconventional career advice, trainings and opportunities to help you navigate the security job market and take the next steps in achieving your long-term professional goals.

Worldwide Availability

Our security/cybersecurity professionals are road warriors and available for you worldwide.  Their expertise is uniquely positioned for your advantage and positive results, be in the western world or growing world like Africa.

Security Policy, Program & Project Management

We can help you to staff your efforts around security policies, procedures, programs and your security projects management. Helping you to become effective and efficient in all you do security.

Performance Management

Our affordable security / cybersecurity professionals performance management package/support is designed with you and your organization in mind.


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