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To experience one of our splendid seminars on the continent, as a Host or Attendee, use our contact form or select "Click me" from the list of options below.

Healthcare Seminars

Our Healthcare Seminars planning and management services are unique in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The continent of Africa has multiple advantages and strategic positioning in the global healthcare space. We incorporate the so what in our planning and production of healthcare seminars. 

We have extensive experience in healthcare, Western and African culture. Healthcare equipment producers, sellers and health agencies are encouraged to contact us.

Economic Growth Seminars

Our Economic Growth Seminars leave the theories in the textbooks and bring reality to the front gate.

We don’t discuss what everyone is talking about. We intensively cover topics from tomorrow but applicable today for you to take advantage of.

We can help you to plan one, review your plan, execute and manage one or help you with all your logistics as attendees. Included in our offerings is Trade Missions (Private or Public Trade Missions). 

Education & Workforce Development Seminars

Locals or Expatriates are operators in this complex environment; this is the way to your next level of success.

This seminar production, support and services will help you to navigate the gaps between education and workforce development for your needs.

Regardless of your physical location, we can help you with all your logistical needs and requirement as hosts or attendees. 

Microfinance Technical Assistance
Governance Seminars

Corruption and weak governance are included in the top challenges of Africa’s progress. However, in order to benefit from the continent’s resources and change the narratives around Africans, continuous-governance-improvement is a must.

This Seminar covers, Governance, Elections, Nationalism, and the Building of an Inclusive Democratic State.

Governance for Africans, by Africans, from Africans, is the only solution.  With this in mind is how we plan, execute or manage seminars for governance themes.

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