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The Global market needs Africa, as much as Africa needs the Global market, Trust is the gap and Here is a Solution.

IFRS Consulting

IFRS is one of many accounting services we provide. You can’t grow or sell or invest in what you can’t measure. We simplify complexity. Let us help.


Technology doesn’t work as an Island. It’s important to deliver technologies to users at their level or adoptable level. We deliver solutions for locals and expatriates.


Cyber/security is a global concern, but, with a unique nature in Sub-Saharan Africa. Foreign entities with local presence and African entities have separate security needs. Let us help!


Compliance affairs are profit affairs. Corporate culture and how you look on paper matters, as international players search though finding the right partner. Let us help your compliance posture.

Deep Research Reports

Good data is scarce and Africa is the common perception. Our research approach and methodology produce nothing short of great and informative data.

Turnkey Management Support (TMS)

Managing your local organization from miles away can be challenging. Let us show you how easy and fun it can be. Our TMS is your key.


Organizations operating in this complex environment have an unfair advantage. That’s if they know. Our training packages can help you to uncover opportunities.


Our approach to recruiting and staffing is totally unique. Let us know your needs. Our performance might just blow your mind. Same is true if you are a job seeker.

Prevention and Mitigation of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

The future of Sub-Saharan Africa organizations hinges on their ability to show that they can prevent and mitigate fraud, waste and abuse. That’s not to downgrade the value of new economic ideas, innovation and implementation. However, all those means nothing in an environment with fraud, waste and abuse.

The Global market needs Africa, as much as Africa needs the Global market, because, most of its resources are not yet taped by the private sector. Trust is the gap.

This is the answer, and our support is for start-ups, experienced entrepreneurs and those larger organizations that want to improve their culture and internal controls.

We want to hear your aspirations, your success stories, and your failures.

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