Special Audits

Our Special audits provide valuable insights into an organization’s internal and external risks management flows!

Discovery/Investigative Audit

Whether plaintiff or defender, these types of audits often imply fraudulent activities and hence, require the utmost professionalism and creativity. That’s us! 

Contracts Audit

Auditing contract’s deliverables, billing and measurement, delay or program, bill of quantities (BOQ) and variations, as well as contemporary record and project closing audits are included in the suite of services we can provide to your organization.

Products Audit

Before you introduce your product or solution to customers or markets, use our audit to evaluate whether your final product or solution is built right. We offer a continuous improvement mechanism for products and solutions.

Recovery Audit

There are many types of accounting errors that could potentially lead to losses in millions of dollars. Unclaimed checks, shipping errors, pricing errors, unapplied discounts, or other oversights can add up fast. We will discover errors and recover your money or assets.

Transportation Audit

Transportation service providers offer specialized distribution services with multiple moving parts. Therefore, it is inherent that overages will happen. If you are using and paying any transportation service provider or have done so in the past, you are almost guaranteed that there is money that needs to be recovered.

Insurance Audit

Whether you are the insurer or insured, you can benefit from our insurance audit. We provide an independent, unbiased review as we pioneer how the insurance industry can evolve together with the multiple industries they serve. This natural continuous improvement benefits everyone involved.

Medical Coding Audit

We offer Medical coding audits of inpatient and outpatient encounters, both unbilled and billed to third party payers. Our reports include other analyses, identified trends, or opinions our reviewers, auditors, or other staff find relevant and useful to your organization. Our Auditors hold American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) or American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) credential.

Forensic Support

Our highly-skilled, multilingual, dynamic private investigators, lawyers, attorneys, accountants, IT analysts, Cyber/Info Security analysts and data analysts, plus integrated auditors, will make sure that you receive a comprehensive and detailed result.


Making it better together!

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