System Engineering Support

We focus on you, your business or mission and related stakeholders

Concept Design & Development

Using a variety of approaches, techniques and tools, our team will help you to elicit users’ needs and systems opportunities to meet them. We will provide you with design and development options to select from.

Requirements Gathering

We are facilitators, bringing stakeholders together to mitigate uncertain requirements or agree on system requirements is our forte. Our goal is to ensure documentation of expected values and traceability from elicit to delivery and sustainment.

System Architecture

We understand conceptualization, development, and certification are key, and we stay current with the industry and sometimes ahead, based on our innovative inclinations, our use of frameworks, models, and application timing.

System Design & Development

We will help your organization to design and develop robust system(s) that meet your business or mission goal(s). We are also equipped to review system design and development done by others, making sure your specialty engineering efforts are aligned.

Systems Integration

Identifying integration and interoperability issues to inform our creation of integration strategies that meet your organization’s needs is natural for our team. We are equipped to observe, assess or perform integration testing for you too.

Test & Evaluation

Our testing and evaluation approaches will vet things like effectiveness, interoperable systems, plus their associated certification and accreditation processes. From unit to acceptance test, we define, develop robust tests and rigorous evaluation plans/procedures.

Implementation, O & M and Transfer

We are strategic with our implementation via balancing of delivery, deployment, parallel running before cut over from new to the legacy and its retirement.  Not to leave out our approach of leaving room for modification and add-on technology injection.

Enterprise Engineering

Enterprise is an intertwine of business efforts or missions that are coexisting under a common umbrella, and their systems have to interact seamlessly. Unique need or routine, we are equipped to handle your organization’s enterprise need from idea to retirement.


Change with less or no disruption!

Our Clients include