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Mobile Apps design and development

Mobile applications are rapidly becoming the most essential part of your digital business footprint. Rather than a large format website, customers prefer an app they can install on their mobile device and use anytime they need it.  But mobile space is precious.  Your customers must LOVE your app to keep it on their gadget. We design and develop apps that are user-friendly and engaging, turning customers into loyal fans.

Cloud Solutions Deployment/Implementation

Cloud computing is being widely implemented in today’s software environments where vast amounts of computing or data need to be stored and shared in a secure, yet easily accessible way.

Our customers – from Pharmacy stores to family practices to hospitals and nursing homes – are achieving work-life thanks to the Health-IT solutions we have helped them implement.  We work with all types of cloud computing deployment models. We assess your needs and only propose solutions that work best for you.  Don’t be left behind! Let us help you leverage the best aspects of the Cloud.

User Requirement/Specification

The most effective software is written with the end users in mind, so, it is important to establish beforehand what those users expect the product to look like and to do.  We create specifications which lay out the planning, timetable, milestones, costs, and any optional or future upgrades. This has proven especially helpful for our e-commerce clients.

Software Requirement Specification

Software requirement specification is the blueprint for software design; comprising the design specifications and detailed agreement between the client and their developer. The correct documentation of your software requirements is the key for smooth development, reducing the chances of redesign or re-development.

Our experts will help you to create this document in accordance with your business performance and sector needs.

Integrated Solution Design and Implementation

Today’s IT systems are ever more complex. Managers and owners need visibility from every angle to make quick decisions.  Correct design and implementation of the integrated solution is a key to avoiding information overload.  We design a solution that will be reliable and effective in your sphere of implementation, whether governmental or commercial. 

With a well-integrated data dashboard, decision-making becomes clear and simple.

Information Technology (IT) Refresh/Lifecycle Implementation

Systems updates are an inherent part of the IT world. Keeping track of all updates and needed upgrades can be tricky and time-consuming, considering how robust IT systems can be.  We provide solutions and services to keep track and update your IT technologies in a timely manner, maintaining optimal IT systems’ health. This service is especially valuable for startups and small businesses, as well as for governmental organizations that use many and varied software applications.

Information Technology (IT) Migration Support

IT Migration can be risky and complicated – whether migrating to new software, or migrating part of your organization’s infrastructure to digital technologies. But in today’s world, it is often unavoidable, as your growth exceeds capacity, or software becomes outdated, or support sunsets, or gets too costly to continue.

We provide painless IT migration services to help private and governmental organizations operate smoothly during the transition.

OEM Products Support

OEM products may be cost-efficient initially, but comprehensive servicing of them can be problematic, including warranties, manuals, and support of bundled software.  

We can help your organization navigate any problems with OEM products you might have as a producer or user.

Many governmental contractors are experiencing this need; let us help you.


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