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The internet of things is rapidly expanding and it may eventually exceed the PC users. With us on your side, you will gain or increase your IT capabilities and peace of mind

Website design and development

In today’s globally connected world, having an effective website is absolutely critical.  Close attention must be paid not only to website content development, but equally to website design. Good website design can attract and guide customers, driving business success.

Here again, our approach is unique and holistic.  We will assess your business online presence needs and positioning. Your new website will not only look nice; it will be “sticky” – attracting new customers, satisfying repeat customers and building loyal customers – maximizing its effectiveness for your business growth.

Web Support Services

Anything on the web is a living platform and needs to be maintained. When a website data gets old or links are broken, it needs to be updated or fixed. Web maintenance is hard, time consuming and can be stressful.  Why not ask us for help?

Our 24 hours budget friendly Website support is a way to make quick changes to your website in a 24 hour cycle.

  • Content updates
  • Website backups
  • Managed website hosting
  • Application maintenance including security updates and patches updates
  • WordPress updates
  • Others
Online System Integration

As online systems are becoming more robust and complicated, integrating several online subsystems into a big well-oiled machine is one of the most important parts of online business enterprise.

Our online system integration means your online infrastructure and plugins works as a single organism. This makes your online business systems reliable and secure and is even more important for e-commerce or government contractors that are slim and dynamic in nature.

Store & Forward System Integration

As modern IT systems are becoming more robust and complicated, integrating several subsystems into a big-well-oiled machine is one of the most important parts of a business enterprise.

Our Store & Forward/on-premise system integration means the IT infrastructure works as a single organism on many levels from computer networking to software integration. This makes your business computer systems reliable and secure and is even more important for contractors who deal with extensive governmental IT systems.

Content Development

Communication is the key!  Content are words and words have meanings and your organization needs to invite, inform and captivate your audience. Be it an article, blog or website, our writers will develop content that draw and sell, because, they make it compelling and engaging, because they are well-researched, avoid plagiarism, use rich keywords, include SEO friendly terms, and are budget friendly.

Content Management

Having content is one thing, managing it is another thing. Fresh and relevant living content is what keeps audiences reading your article, blog, intranet or internet platforms.  It will also help your intranet and internet visibility and bragging rights, while still saving time and money. We got you covered from daily content updates to yearly and everything in between.

Digital Marketing

Our digital consulting will help you understand the multi-channel journey of your customers and will inform your strategic plan and execution in achieving your goal. Our digital marketing services include strategic planning, digital analytics, online advertisement, multi-channel communications and social media marketing.

Cloud Support

Driving your business objectives boundlessly requires well-managed robust, secure, scalable, and highly available cloud program. Our cloud specialists can help your organization to assess its cloud needs or strategy, cloud adoption plans, cloud solution design, cloud management and monitoring.


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