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Accounting Integration

Do you know that Office 365 can help your accounting Integration? With SharePoint, Lync, and Exchange, you can increase productivity as your team accesses information, communicates, and tracks projects through the Microsoft system. Plus, you can reduce your IT expenses in the process. Reach out to Ladlas prince for more information.

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Task Management

Have you ever wondered how some business owners delegate some of their tasks or even used a task management system to save valuable resources, such as time and money, and increase their productivity? We are glad to inform you that task management could bring enough benefits for your company – and your own personal and […]

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Business Efficiency

Do you know that there is a wide range of productivity tools such as Time tracking software, project management and task management tools, and email management that can increase your efficiency as a business, meaning that you get more done and hopefully achieve higher revenues as a result? Contact Ladlas Prince for more information on […]

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A data base is a great investment to have as your business begins to grow. Small businesses can use databases in several different ways. A database can help you organize information about your customers and clients. A database can contain information about your product inventory. A database can track sales, expenses and other financial information. […]

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Can you measure the rate at which your network resources are being used up on non-essential apps and sites? With network management, you can count on a team of experts to manage traffic sources and ensure resources aren’t being wasted. Reach out to us Ladlas prince to monitor IP traffic flow across your network and […]

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Compliance risk is your organization’s exposure to the potential consequences for non-compliance. That is, if the business isn’t meeting its regulatory compliance obligations, what sanctions might regulators impose on you? Those sanctions can include monetary penalties, disgorgement of profits gained from improper business conduct, or corrective actions that might be expensive to implement. You would […]

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The importance of auditing cannot be over discussed. A good auditor is not only able to clear your issues quickly, but also helps you improve your company. Although the main reasons for a financial audit have to do with business and legalities, you shouldn’t forget the psychological aspect that is very important when dealing with […]

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Third party risk management (TPRM) (also called vendor risk management or VRM) is the practice of evaluating and then mitigating the risks introduced by vendors (suppliers, third parties, or business partners) both before establishing a business relationship and during the business partnership. Third-party risk management is important because failure to assess third-party risks exposes an […]

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